A Recipe for Success

October 11, 2018


If you are thinking about applying for funding for a community project then your funders will want to know how you are going to promote your project. There are the usual ways through social media, local press coverage and so on. But to reach a wide selection of people, perhaps those who wouldn't normally engage with these kind of projects can be a real challenge. 


The great thing about the start of a project is that you have time to come up with lots of ideas and there is no harm in adding some unusual elements into your funding bid. In fact, funders normally like it if you come up with something out of the ordinary.


A project I have recently been involved with is 'Sea's the Day' - a celebration of the Selsey Fishery. The project is made up of various elements including oral history, a film and a book. But the team also came up with the idea of recipe cards to help engage with a wider audience.


I was commissioned to produce 8 cards working with local chefs. We choose chefs that already featured local produce on their menus and approached them about the project. The response was fantastic and they all really embraced the project coming up with a great selection of recipes using fish that is caught and sold locally.


The chefs then made up the dish and supplied the recipe. We commissioned a photographer, Julia Toms, who dressed the table so that all the photographs had a similar style and took a useful selection of photos including images of the chef and the restaurant. Each card also included a short fact box giving information such the health benefits of the fish, or why to buy wild rather than farmed.


These cards will now be used to help promote the wider project. So already we have engaged with local pubs and restaurants and the cards will appeal to a wide range of people and hopefully encourage more to buy their fish direct from the fisherman and to learn a bit more about the species that are caught locally.


If you have any ideas for print based publicity that you would like to discuss then get in touch for a no-obligation chat.




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