The trusty 3-fold leaflet

August 23, 2018


The old adage 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' works well for the trusty 3-fold leaflet. These have been around for years and I'm sure you will have picked a few. If these are designed well they will be eye-catching and before you know it you are reading about a tourist attraction or society that you didn't even know you were interested in!


Even though so much marketing and information has moved online, sometimes the traditional print formats still work really well. The classic scenario is when you are on holiday. Pubs or tourist offices often have banks of these useful leaflets. Personally I can't walk past without picking up a handful to browse through later in the day and often they have been the source of inspiration for a great day out.


I think they work so well because of the format. You can get a surprising amount on information on them. Start with a striking cover and a clear title. The back page should have all the useful details like opening times, map and contacts. And then you have 4 pages left to fill with photos and text.


Opening out to A4 means you can have fun with laying out the photos and text. You aren't restricted to the narrow page size but can run pictures and text across pages. I like using large quotes or unusual views to catch attention. Or you can keep your columns neat and the information clearly defined.


They are cheap to produce. Due to the folded format you don't want thick paper which will crack – something around 150gsm – 170gsm works well.


Distribution is usually cheap as well – there are companies that will do it for you but for most businesses you can distribute them yourself. Try to include a nice leaflet holder so your leaflet doesn't get squashed up in the corner, if you are providing a leaflet holder then make sure you label it and put contact details on for when it is empty.


To talk through some design ideas for your 3-fold leaflet do give me a call.


Ali Beckett Design

075309 56184



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